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Built with BCY M-2 Material

Silent But Deadly Bow Strings are hand made Flemish twist bow strings and not just another bow string. Silent But Deadly Bow Strings are the "Original Skinny String" crafted for the traditional bow hunter. Our goal in string making is to achieve the quietest string with the least amount of stretch and the best performance for hunting that we could craft. We have found through months of chronographing and testing different bows and string combinations that our BCY M-2 6 strand and BCY M-2 8 strand with B-50 taper padded loops, for most bows, achieved the best results in reaching our goal. Our 2 bundle strings (skinny strings) employ a technique learned from a master string maker which form a perfectly round string that helps damper string noise and vibrations. The strand count may vary according to poundage or customer request.

All SBD High Performance strings are now being built with BCY Mercury-2 (100% SK99) larger version of the popular mercury material, highest strength Dyneema, very low creep, and extremely quiet. All of our strings are built with B-50 padding in the tapered loops. We have experimented with various serving materials and have found that Brownells Crown or BCY 62XS serving provide the best release in all weather conditions. Our strings are served to .110" diameter, which is an excellent fit for Bohning Signature, Carbon Express, and Gold Tip,and many other nocks. The string can be adjusted to fit larger groove nocks with a simple technique. Nock fit is very important to the over all performance of a string and we strive to keep our serving a very consistant diameter. We pre-stretch the strings while serving so they will require little break in to maintain brace height.

BCY M-2 colors that we have in stock currently are purple, flo orange, tan, green, yellow, flo yellow, red, pink, white, flo-green, and black. The Psycho hunter is a 4 color string and looks well…..psychedelic. The serving will be black Crown serving by Brownells or BCY 26XS.

***Actual String Length (ASL) is very important as each string is custom built to Actual String Length(ASL). ASL is measured by free hanging the string on a nail and measuring from the outside of the top loop to the outside of the bottom loop.***

String maintenance, no matter what material that is used in building the string is very important to the life and performance of your string. Keeping your new SBD High Performance string frequently waxed with a quailty wax designed for fast flight material will extend the life of your string. Constant inspection of the string for any fraying or wearing is necessary and it should be replaced immediately when excessive wear is noticed. We highly recommend replacing your string yearly or sooner if necessary.

* Due to the over whelming demand for our custom string strings, Please allow 2 weeks for delivery*

SBD Bow Strings "...not just another bow string..."