**Due to the over whelming demand for our custom string strings, Please allow 2 weeks for delivery string.**

*Please note that shipping costs are for Continental United States only.

Overseas/Canadian Shipping

>>>>----->Please note: We can no longer ship any Overseas/Canadian orders without appropriate payment for shipping and handling. Unfortunately, all Overseas/Canadian orders are shipped USPS First Class and have no tracking once it leaves the USA and we can no longer be responsible for the delivery of packages.>>>>------>

*** Orders can be shipped with tracking for additional shipping and handling charges.***

**** Please email us for current rates.****

Please order strings for different bows separately and include the information for each bow separately. Only change the quanity number in the box for duplicate strings.

When ordering 8 or 10 strand SBD Hp string please include actual string length and include the two more colors for the Psycho Hunter (4 color string) and 10 strand (if 10 strand) in add info. box.

It is very important when ordering to indicate whether the string is for a longbow or a recurve and actual string length. Orders can not be processed without this information.

SBD Hp with String Accessories
Type of silencers
Cat whisker colors
String colors (max of 4 colors)
String Colors (max of 4 Colors)
AMO,longbow/recurve,# @ draw
actual string lgth & Add info.

                                                                                                                                                         Sanders Brass Nocks $1.00   

Navajo Churro Wool Silencers $15.00 per set


Adjustable Tie-on Nocks $3.00

                                                                                                                                            Overseas Shipping and Handling


*Please note that when ordering 6 strand SBD Ultra string it is only available in Psycho Hunter color and you must include actual string length in add. info. box.

SBD Ultra with String Accessories
Type of silencers
Cat whisker colors
AMO,longbow/recurve, # @ draw
actual string lgth & add info.

    Navajo Churro Wool Silencers $15.00 per set           

Ajustable Tie-on Nocks $3.00 per set

Sanders Brass Nocks $1.00

Rubber Cat Whiskers $7.00

Yarn Puff Silencers $7.00

 Yarn Wrapped Loops only for Recurve $7.00

 Overseas Shipping and Handling

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